Smartapp SAFETY

Powerful Safety Management for your Jobsite
powered by a first-of-its-kind Fusion Platform.

Smartapp SAFETY™

$795/month Fixed per project

Turn your Jobsite into a Safesite™ and bring your Jobsite Safety Plans to life with Smartapp SAFETY™. From certified project worker safety onboarding, centralized Safety Policy and certifcation tracking, Site Visitor & Worker in/out monitoring; to tracking all the STA’s and Safety Permits for your project.

  • STAs Unlimited
  • Permits Unlimited
  • Workers Unlimited
  • Visitors Unlimited


Site Worker Credentials Tracker

Track & verify all your jobsite safety workers’ credentials in one centralized place. Workers can pre-register remotely, use the jobsite kiosk, or go contactless. Your jobsite safety manager can easily verify work credentials, print their badges and track short service and expiration periods.

Site Visitor Tracking

Easily maintain and manage your jobsite daily visitors log. Electronically pre-schedule and pre-register visitors with full kiosk check-in support. Visitors can safely and easily log in, get verified, print their badges and electronically log out when they leave. Jobsite visitor tracking has never been easier!

Safety Task Analysis Tracker

Prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring that everyone on your jobsite team acknowledges their STAs before they complete their tasks. Manage your project’s entire STA documentation in one organized, central place.

Safety Permit Tracker

We make it easy to electronically request & approve Jobsite safety permits. Permit approval can be assigned to locations, duration, and electronic inspections any time on any device. All your jobsite safety permits in one organized central place.

  • Worker IN/OUT Tracker

    Workers can easily time in & time out electronically via jobsite geofence, at the Kiosk or from their mobile device. All jobsite tracking data is available for visual analytics & reporting.

  • Safety Policy DRIVE

    Safety Plan policies can be electronically vaulted, organized by trade, and updated in one central place. Team members always have easy access to the latest version of all Safety Plan related policies.

  • Safety Policy Tracker

    Provide electronic access to your Safety Policies, tracking who reads them, watches the videos and passes the customizable certification tests. Automate all of this for your jobsite in one organized central place.

  • Safety Incident Tracker

    Jobsite Safety Incidents need immediate activation. Rely on our rule-based team notifications, and all the electronic evidence capture capabilities from photos, videos, 360s, and RTLS-based witness detection.

  • Contactless Safety Flyer

    Every project gets an electronic pre-register web link to allow all workers and visitors to pre-register remotely, or use the jobsite Safety flyer with embedded QR Code for quick contactless self-registration on their device.

  • Custom Questions

    Quickly and easily add your own questions & data requirements so each worker on-boarding, daily check-in or visitor intake event captures & tracks the safety data (like Covid-19, illness, etc.) your project jobsite needs.

  • Auto-track Short Service Period

    Most jobsite accidents happen within the first 30 days of a new worker reporting on site. We make it easy to track & identify all short service workers with identifiable short service badges and team-wide tracking.

  • Auto-track Credential Expirations

    It's challenging to organize & monitor all safety & related worker credentials, especially renewal expirations. We alert you when worker credentials expire, and make it easy to notify them & capture updates.

  • Safety Plan Analytics & Reports

    With all your jobsite’s safety data in one place, tracking, visualizing and generating real-time critical reports of all your safety compliance data and jobsite activities has never been easier.

  • Optimized Jobsite KIOSK™

    Smartapp SAFETY™ can be enhanced with our optional Jobsite KIOSK™ hardware bundle providing an unparalleled in-the-field experience for your projects. Worker on-boarding, Worker In / Out, Visitor Logging, Policy and Certification tracking all comes to life in an easy to use jobsite rugged ready KIOSK form factor.

  • SOS

    Minutes matter when it comes to emergencies and with our universal SOS features available on our Mobile app, RTLS User tags, or our Smartwatch your field workers can with the click of a button issue out a Site-wide SOS alert that will use the outdoor/indoor location data of that worker to notify everyone on the Jobsite where the distressed worker is located. Faster response times could be the difference in saving a life.

  • Safety Bulletins

    Emergency weather alerts, Gas leaks, power issues, active intruder events or any other issue that creates a safety concern. Minutes matter when it comes to notifying everyone on your team. With our built-in real-time Jobsite-wide universal Safety Bulletin feature, Safety managers & administrators can with one click broadcast out Safety Bulletin Alerts to all workers mobile devices, and other IoT Jobsite-wide audible sensors.

  • Certifications

    With workers coming and going off the Jobsite, tracking all their Certifications can be a nightmare. Not anymore! With our built-in Certification tracker, you can easily setup your Jobsite-wide Safety Plan Certification registry of third party (OSHA10, OSHA30, SST etc.) certs or build your own certification courses & tests to centrally track, store & monitor for compliance. Onboarding & Cert Testing can be done onsite or remote, mobile or desktop and are auto-translated to multiple languages.

What’s included?

  • 01

    Everything from PLANNER™

    SAFETY™ comes with all the planning features and capabilities of PLANNER™.

    More details
  • 02

    Everything from FIELD™

    Your Smartapp SAFETY™  comes with all the drawing & field documentation features of FIELD™.

    More details
  • 03

    Pre-packaged SAFETY™ Apps

    SAFETY™ comes with an additional 15 safety apps that are ready for you to use.

    • Site Worker Log
    • Site Visitor Log
    • Safety Task Analysis (STA)
    • Safety Permit Tracker
    • Safety Incident Tracker
    • Accident Reports
    • Crane Lift Plan
    • After-hours Work Permits
    • Crane Use Permit
    • Hot Work Permit
    • Ladder Permit
    • Job Hazard Analysis
    • Safety Inspection Checklists
    • Worker In/Out
    • Site Readiness

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  • 04

    Live Collaboration

    Packed with real-time multi-party collaboration tools to ensure the team is always in sync and the work is always aligned.

    • LiveLink

      One-click built-in project team live video calls connect members anytime. Jobsite mobile users can quickly share on-site issues from their device camera.

    • LiveChat

      Quickly resolve issues on the fly with LiveChat and avoid costly delays. Instantly start LiveChats with online project team members from anywhere on any device.

    • LiveHuddle

      LiveHuddle transforms your daily planning, progress & drawing review meetings into collaborative real-time “SmartBoard” experiences.

    • LiveSupport

      We know your time is money and the help to get the job done should be at your fingertips. With our 24x7 LiveSupport Team, it always will be.

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