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Integrated industry-leading software with state-of-the-art jobsite hardware.

Hardware packages

  • Standard


    Annual Commitment
    • 86" Interactive Display
    • Rugged Travel Case
    • 4 Interactive pens
    • 2 Joysticks
    • 1 AV Camera
    • 1 RFID / Barcode Scanner
    • 1 Windows PC
    • Unattended mode
    • LiveHuddle
  • Premium


    Annual Commitment
    • Includes the Standard package+
    • Cellular High Speed Internet Access Point
    • HP Plotter / Printer Unit
    • 1 Ricoh Theta V Camera


Interactive SmartBoard

Turn your jobsite trailer into a team Command & Control Center with our 86” Jobsite SmartBoard that makes conducting in-person team digital pull planning sessions, drawing reviews, and live progress reviews like no other experience on the market today. Shipped directly to your jobsite!


LiveHuddle turns your daily planning & progress review jobsite trailer meetings into collaborative real-time experiences “at the SmartBoard” that transform the way you and your team work together in real-time.

Unattended Mode

Turn your jobsite SmartBoard into a 24x7 kiosk for all your Project team members to use whenever they need too. Team members can quickly unlock the SmartBoard using the built-in SmartLock instant login scanner. When they are done, it automatically returns the SmartBoard back to a secure unattended mode.

  • AV Camera

    Integrated wide lens AV camera allows transforms your jobsite SmartBoard into a live video conference setup, that also supports anytime Voice Command control & input to the Smartapp software.

  • SmartPens & Joysticks

    We make it easier than ever to maximize productivity at the SmartBoard with the fastest and easiest input mechanism like our game-style joysticks and multi-party SmartPens.

  • 360 SmartCapture

    Create a truly immersive experience of your jobsite by giving your field team the power to one-click capture 360-degree based field photos directly to Smartapp from your iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Jobsite WiFi Access

    Create an extended jobsite WiFi Mesh network that keeps all your team members always connected to get the critical work updates and drawings needed to get the job done right the first time.

  • Plot & Print

    Right-sized full scale plotter & printer combo hardware makes the perfect solution for your jobsite to make sure you can always plot or print the drawings and documents you need when you need them.

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