Segmentation. Scalability. Security.

Create standardized project templates that allow you to rapidly track, seed and manage all your organization's critical project setup with just one click.

Org console allows you to create various project profiles to match your company’s needs. With org console, a company can gain a single central project portfolio governance over all its projects around the world.

Team Area

ORG Central

0.5 basis points
of ACV* / for company-wide
*ACV - Annual Construction Value


  • Policy Manager

    Policy Manager

    Setup & manage all your company-wide policy settings in one place.

  • Seed Sync Manager

    Seed Sync Manager

    Automatically seed & sync all critical company standards to all new Projects.

  • App Governance

    App Governance

    Build, tailor and distribute all your smartapps from one centralized AppStudio.

  • Region Based Approvals

    Region Based Approvals

    Multiple regional admins with autonomous approval & governance oversight.

  • Company Wide DLs

    Company Wide DLs

    Easily setup and manage critical company-wide notifcation distribution lists.

  • Centralized Portfolio

    Centralized Portfolio

    Command & control center for comapny-wide project oversight.

  • Data Warehouse API

    Data Warehouse API

    Define & manage all your critical information data warehouse integrations.

  • Role Simulator

    Role Simulator

    Built-in one-click role simulation to verify critical security role setup.

  • Centralized Billing

    Centralized Billing

    One place to easily manage all your company-wide billing.


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