Building the Future
with AI

We are enhancing our leading Smartapp ONE™ Construction Automation Platform with a first-of-its-kind embedded Generative A.I. Framework - “Brena” - into its core capabilities leveraging purpose-built trained AI models & embeddings that provide a singular “multi-persona” Construction Assistant that can support everyone on the project to do their jobs better, faster and safer.


“It’s time to reimagine the jobsite of the future and leverage AI & emerging technologies to solve workforce challenges that are impeding our industry’s safety, efficiency and productivity potential.”

Michael R. Colapietro
CEO & Co-founder.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with industry technology pioneers and AI leaders like SAP and
Google to bring responsible AI to the construction industry.

SAP & Smartapp coming together to bring the power of AI to your jobsite

Smartapp & SAP at ENR FutureTech 2023

Since 2022, Smartapp has been working with technology pioneers like SAP to bring responsible AI to the construction industry. Our foundational architecture for accurate and responsible AI has a transformational impact on jobsites for everything from finance, safety management, planning & scheduling, and field data collection.

As an SAP co-innovation partner, we ensure that the AI capabilities we're developing for you come from the most experienced insights from the tech world.

Smartapp & Google A.I. Security Council

We were recently invited to participate in Google’s AI Security Council. This AI Council met to ensure that AI technology can securely operate in a responsible, segmented method - so that customer data is safely stored and never exposed.

As a Google partner, Smartapp will continue to push the boundaries of innovation to responsibly use AI to drive advancement and automation for the construction industry.

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