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Bring Agile Construction to life with real-time Lean Pull Planning and aligned CPM

Smartapp PLANNER™


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Where PLANNER™, FIELD™, FINANCE™, SAFETY™, AppStudio™, OrgCentral™ Building the schedule is only half the battle. Keeping it updated for everyone is the other half. PLANNER™ makes sure it’s not even a battle at all. Explore the only enablement platform where agile planning becomes agile construction, and where your plan boards and CPM schedules are always aligned & up-to-date.

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Discover what Staples, National Grid, ConEdison, Canon and others have leveraged for years to automate the pay chain like never before!


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Multi-party real-time digital Plan Boards make it a breeze to organize and dispatch work. Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, in the trailer or in the office, your project progress is always up-to-date.

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Build your master schedule or import it easily from P6 / MS Project. Collaborate in a true multi-party real-time framework where schedule updates go straight to the field, and field updates go straight to the schedule; keeping your plan boards and schedules always in sync.

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Dispatch work from your Plan Boards or CPM schedules with one click. Dispatched tasks go directly to every contractor's mobile device with real-time visibility into their workload. And with one click, they can send progress and completion updates from the field to their team in real-time.

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Real-time updates from the field automatically update plan boards and schedules. Easy time tracking, daily journals, impacts, and manpower information that populate company-level auto-generated daily reports and analytic visual dashboards.

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    Plan Boards

    Pull Planning comes to digital life allowing you to Plan, Schedule and Dispatch work like never before. The power to plan work together in real time in the same room or from across the country has never been easier than with our multi-party drag & drop real-time Project Plan Boards.

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    CPM Schedules

    Multi-party CPM Gantt-based scheduling provides your project team all the power of leading scheduling tools like P6 or MS Project without the cost. Build schedules from scratch or automatically from your Plan Boards and keeping them up-to-date has never been easier.

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    SwimLane Mode

    SwimLane Mode is a unique feature that allows your Plan Boards to pivot and organize work tags into interactive SwimLanes that give your team the power to easily drag & update work tags across Lanes in real time.

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    Suggest & Assist AI

    Building Plan Boards & CPM Schedules is no easy task, but we make it easier by leveraging the power of all your past projects via our Suggest & Assist AI engine so that while you're typing & adding items, we are always suggesting to you the other critical Work Tags & Tasks to make your Boards & Schedules complete.

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    Planning Simulator

    With our AI-based simulator you can set up templates to quickly model what-if scenarios and develop comprehensive predictive analytic models of what your project execution may look like, giving you the power to adjust in advance the variables that impact your project the most.

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    Mobile Work Queue

    Keep your CPM Schedules & Boards up-to date by giving your team the power to send updates back from the jobsite. Our Mobile Work Queue gives all team members an easy-to-use burn down list of Work assigned to them, and with one click they can send real-time updates back to Project Schedules & Boards.

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    Constraints & Issues

    All projects have surprises, but tracking them and their impacts should not be one of them. With our built-in Constraint & Issue logging & tracking features, your team will never lose track of them.

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    AUTOGEN Daily Reports

    You dispatched the work, team members have logged their real-time updates, entered their man power data, and logged their daily journal entries. Now let Smartapp auto-generate each company's Daily Report and route it for review, approval and records.

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    Daily Report Center

    One place to view, find, review, and print your entire project's accumulation of Daily Reports for all your team members and their respective companies. Securely accessible to each team member on Mobile or Desktop devices.

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    Built-in Reports

    Our comprehensive built-in reports allow your team to easily view and print the critical status reports you need from all your Project Schedules & Plan Boards. With our built-in reports you and your team never have to rely on yesterday’s data to answer today's challenge.

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    Analytic Dashboards

    Our comprehensive built-in Visual Analytics Dashboards allow your team to transform all that critical Scheduling & Progress data into real-time always up-to-date visually stunning interactive Graphs, Charts & table-based Dashboards.

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    TeamWork Calendar

    Never lose track of what your team members are working on. With our universal TeamWork Calendars you can easily see team members' daily work calendars, their availabilities, and even dispatch them new work all from one universal place.

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    Time Tracking

    You’ve done the work to plan your project, now comes time to track your team's actuals, progress, time and manpower. Our built-in time tracking features make tracking manpower & time logs for each Work item on any device (mobile or desktop) easier than ever before.

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    Dispatch Mode

    Location-aware real-time centralized Work Dispatching Mode makes it easy to see all workers, crews, and contractors current work loads, availability, locations, skills & certifications in one universal calendar view. So you can quickly assign emergency response, repair, work order, inspection tickets, and more to the right resource.

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    Add Work Tags from CPM

    You can now add work tags directly from the CPM schedule, making it easier than ever to manage your tasks and stay on top of your schedule.

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    P6 Importer 3.0

    Easily import your project schedules and match resources from P6 Activity IDs directly into PLANNER™ for the greatest fidelity on import & export

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    You can now view a project high-level plan board and a daily work dispatch board at the same time!

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    10-day Weather Forecast

    Overlay a live 10-day weather forecast right over your digital plan boards to account for the weather impacts on your work plans.

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What’s included?

  • 01

    Full Suite of PLANNER features


    PLANNER™ comes with a comprehensive all-in-one suite of planning features for your project & jobsite.

    • Auto-aligned CPM schedules
    • Mobile Work Dispatch mode
    • Auto-generated daily reports
    • Visual analytics dashboards
    • Suggest & Assist AI
    • P6 Importer
    • 10-day Weather Forecast
    • Split-screen
    • Planning Simulator
    • Mobile Work Queue
    • Constraints & Issues Log
    • Time tracking
    • Add Work Tags from CPM
    • Multi-party real-time digital Plan Board

    Add-on price : $195 per project/per month
  • 02

    Pre-packaged Apps


    PLANNER™ comes with pre-packaged integrated work tracking apps that are ready for you to use.
    - Manpower
    - Journal Entries
    - Daily Impacts
    - Work Task

    Add-on price : $195 per project/per month
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  • 03

    Add-ons & Connectors


    Your Smartapp PLANNER™ edition comes with free connectors that keep your project data integrated with:

    • P6 ™

    • Procore ™

    • Microsoft Project ™

    • Gantter ™

    Add-on price : $195 per project/per month
  • 04

    You can now add our no-code App Studio to PLANNER!


    AppStudio™ gives you a single centralized place where you can create, import, update and install Smartapps from the marketplace to rapidly digitize your projects data collection & work process automation needs

    Add-on price : $195 per project/per month
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    Live Collaboration


    • LiveLink

      Built-in audio/video conferencing

    • LiveChat

      Built-in multi-party chat

    • LiveHuddle

      SmartBoard real-time collaboration

    • LiveSupport

      24/7 Support team

    Add-on price : $195 per project/per month
  • 06

    All PLANNER™ features


    PLANNER™ is packed with both standard and advanced planning features that ensure seamless execution on your jobsite.

    Add-on price : $195 per project/per month
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