Smartapp FINANCE™

Bridge the gap between FINANCE to FIELD with budget, bid, contracts and payment automation

Smartapp FINANCE™


1.5 basis points

of Annual Construction Value

Fixed per project

Where PLANNER™, FIELD™, FINANCE™, SAFETY™, AppStudio™, OrgCentral™ Smartapp FINANCE™ provides an integrated suite of purpose-built Construction Project Budget, Bid & Payment features that can seamlessly align with your PLANNER planning data. We bring together project schedule, jobsite planning, estimation and work progress data into one single, synchronized cost loaded budget & schedule view of all planning (WBS) and cost data (CBS) - bridging the gap between planning & jobsite execution!

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The big creators create with us

Discover what Staples, National Grid, ConEdison, Canon and others have leveraged for years to automate the pay chain like never before!


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With our multi-party Budget Manager, you can easily create, manage and align your project’s budget structure (CBS) with your project CPM schedule (WBS) and your day-to-day LastPlanner jobsite work assignment Boards to seamlessly track & sync progress and costs in ONE place.

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Our built-in Bid Manager with real-time Bid response tracking & awarding lets you easily convert awarded Bids to Contracts or vendor-facing collaborative bid packages!

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Our Client contracts are auto-aligned to our Vendor contracts, so automating ‘pay when paid’ has never been easier!

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Our configurable No-code Low-code Paychain Apps with Workflow allow you to create custom payment applications that automate & streamline your payment processing.

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    Auto-syncing WBS & CBS

    Easily create cost-loaded project budgets & schedules with our multi-party real-time visual Budget (CBS) & Schedule (WBS) Builders that auto-sync!

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    Compliance verification

    Compliance verification for a certificate of insurance, minority status, and workman's compensation.

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    Fully Automated documentation of expenses incurred during your project, highlighting costs, labor, materials, and services provided.

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    Blockchain pay apps w/wf

    Powered & secured with a first-of-its-kind Blockchain Paychain, all transaction data is written back to your back office system including lien waiver sign-offs & compliance checks.

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    Blockchain lien waivers w/wf

    Streamline your lien waiver process, eliminate manual errors & improve efficiency. With Blockchain technology, your data is secure, tamper-proof and provides a transparent audit trail.

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    Cash Forecasting

    With built-in real-time forecasting, you can tie the jobsite look-ahead schedules from our Lean Last Planner system to send data to the back office for real-time accurate forecasting & reporting.

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What’s included?

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    Brena™ - The AI Construction Assistant


    A first-of-its-kind Generative A.I. framework with purpose-built trained AI models that bring you the most efficient Construction Assistant!

    Add-on price : 0.5 basis points per project/per month
    Learn More
  • 02

    Pre-packaged Apps


    FINANCE™ comes with a pre-built suite of Smart apps designed for your industry's standard needs and best practices. You can use them right out of the box!

    Add-on price : 0.5 basis points per project/per month
    See how
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    Add-ons & Connectors


    Your Smartapp FINANCE™ edition comes with free connectors that keep your project data integrated with:

    • ERP™

    Add-on price : 0.5 basis points per project/per month
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    You can now add our no-code App Studio to FINANCE!


    AppStudio™ gives you a single centralized place where you can create, import, update and install Smartapps from the marketplace to rapidly digitize your projects data collection & work process automation needs

    Add-on price : 0.5 basis points per project/per month
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