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Smartapp PRO™

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Includes SAFETY™

Bundle Edition

One perfectly packaged bundle of PRO features that also comes with all the benefits of PLANNER, FIELD & SAFETY and saves you 52%!

Standalone Edition

Only looking for PRO features? This is the option for you!
Fixed per project

PRO™ brings you the most powerful automation capabilities of the suite. With unlimited app use and no code app building, you can rapidly digitize absolutely any jobsite work stream process. Explore the most unifying and empowering automation & management platform on the market today.

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Ready-to-use App Marketplace

A subscription to access unlimited pre-built apps in the Smartapp Marketplace™ to automate ALL your project jobsite work automation and data collection needs.

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No Code Apps

Automate and digitize your Jobsite data collection and multi-party work stream gaps into easy to use apps with Smartapps powerful drag and drop no-code App Studio™ interface.

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Visual Analytic Dashboards

Build on-the-fly stunning, visual, real-time project dashboards from the jobsite data that your apps collect throughout the project keeping you and your team always up-to-date with the health and progress status.

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The power to easily connect your project apps and data with your other systems. Full REST Web API & built-in connectors makes integrating Smartapp with your other systems a reality.

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    AppStudio™ gives you a single centralized place where you can create, import, update and install Smartapps from the marketplace to rapidly digitize your projects data collection & work process automation needs.

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    Rapidly automate & digitize your work process gaps into apps (mobile/desktop) with our easy-to-use no-code AppDesigner™. Configure all the apps you need with a powerful & simple drag-and-drop interface. Then preview and deploy!

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    App Marketplace™

    A subscription to access unlimited pre-built apps to automate your project and jobsite data collection with apps for project setup, planning, construction, field documentation, design, inspections, safety and closeout.

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    Dashboard Builder

    Our built-in Visual Analytic Dashboard Builder allows your team to transform all critical Smartapps, Scheduling & Project data into real-time, always up-to-date visually stunning interactive Graphs, Charts & Table based Dashboards.

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    Open Integration API

    Our robust open Web REST API gives you all the power to easily set up bi-directional third party systems & real-time data integrations.

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    ERP Connectors

    Our out of-the-box built-in and growing list of ERP (Equipment Resource Planning System) connectors allows you to quickly connect your Smartapp projects to leading ERP systems.

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    GIS Connectors

    Our out of-the-box built-in and growing list of GIS (Geographical Information System) connectors allows you to quickly connect your Smartapp projects to leading GIS systems.

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    WMS Connectors

    Our out of-the-box built-in and growing list of WMS (Work Management System) connectors allows you to quickly connect your Smartapp projects to leading WMS systems.

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    Team Directory

    Never waste time looking up phone numbers or searching for an email address with our always up-to-date and easily accessible Project Team Directory with built-in communication capabilities (call, chat, live video) to connect users from the jobsite to the office.

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    Setup Wizards

    We know setting up projects can take some time. And we know your time is money. So we make it easier than ever with our various Project setup Wizards that allow you to easily set up companies, locations, users, apps and more.

What’s included?

  • 01

    Everything in PLANNER™

    The PRO™ bundle comes with all the planning features and capabilities of PLANNER™.

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  • 02

    Everything in FIELD™ & SAFETY™

    The PRO™ bundle  comes with all the features of FIELD™ and SAFETY™.

    More details
  • 03

    Smartapp Marketplace™

    PRO™ includes an unlimited subscription to a pre-built marketplace of apps that automate anything from planning to operations on your project or jobsite.

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  • 04

    No Code App Building

    PRO™ includes our no-code AppStudio™ & AppDesigner™ to easily build & deploy your own apps and automate any work process or data collection need for your project jobsite.

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    Add-ons & Connectors

    Your PRO™ edition comes with an Open Integration API as well as free connectors that keep your project data integrated with:

    • ERP

    • WMS

    • GIS

    • Analytics

  • 06

    Live Collaboration

    Packed with real-time multi-party collaboration tools to ensure the team is always in sync and the work is always aligned.

    • LiveLink

      One click built-in project team live video calls connect members anytime. Jobsite mobile users can quickly share on-site issues from their device camera.

    • LiveChat

      Quickly resolve issues on the fly with LiveChat and avoid costly delays. Instantly start LiveChats with online project team members from anywhere on any device.

    • LiveHuddle

      LiveHuddle transforms your daily planning, progress & drawing review meetings into collaborative real-time “SmartBoard” experiences.

    • LiveSupport

      We know your time is money and the help to get the job done should be at your fingertips. With our 24x7 LiveSupport Team, it always will be.

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