Jobsite RTLS

Jobsite RTLS™

$595/mo Annual commitment

Our Jobsite RTLS™ hardware bundle is packaged with everything you need to have real-time location tracking of workers, equipment, tools and other important jobsite items. With proximity-aware enhanced features such as location-aware daily burn down lists, task and equipment inspection alerts, auto-attendance and more, your team will be more productive, safe and efficient then ever before.

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Smartapp, our construction project management app has chargeable, weatherproof, fixed-mobile RTLS gateways that are easy to set up and perfect to get your Jobsite up and running fast from the start.


BLE tags

The jobsite rugged, weatherproof, long-lasting universal BLE tags can be applied to hardhats, safety vests, key fobs, equipment, tools and more - making them all available for real-time live viewing of their current locations anytime, anywhere and from any device using the Smartapp software.

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    Anchor Manager

    Easily setup & manage your jobsite BLE location anchors. Simply peel, stick & pin your BLE tags in any jobsite location to track the real-time whereabouts of workers, equipment or tools, and monitor the battery life of all your BLE anchor tags.

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    Beacon Manager

    The Beacon Manager gives you one centralized & easy-to-use Sketch widget to see all the beaconing users, equipment, tools, permits and more in real-time overlaid on floor plans & google maps - whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

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    RTLS-based Attendance

    With the new, enhanced mobile device RTLS-based User Contact select feature, you can take attendance of all present team members via BLE tags with the click of a button. No more hassles or long and error-prone entry.

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    Proximity-aware Dispatch Mode

    Dispatch Mode on any worker's mobile device is enhanced with RTLS to allow them to easily and in real-time know what work tasks, equipment or team members are near their current location.

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    RTLS-based Time Tracker

    Easily track, report & analyze who was where, when & for how long. All BLE tagged or mobile logged-in workers can have time-on-site data automatically logged to the centralized project database.


Speak to a jobsite hardware expert if you need more information about any of our hardware packages, or if you're interested in placing an order!

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