Jobsite BADGE™

Jobsite BADGE

$695/mo Annual commitment

With our easy-to-use Jobsite BADGE™ hardware bundle, you’ll have everything you need to collect, track and verify jobsite workers’ and visitor’s safety credentials. Everything from emergency contact info, OSHA certifications and safety policy acknowledgements can be quickly captured, verified by the site safety manager, and badges can be printed on the spot.

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Jobsite Rugged Kiosk with Badge

Experience an easy-to-use Jobsite rugged kiosk equipped with a tablet for workers and visitors to log in or out, enter safety credentials, agree to Jobsite safety policies, and more in Smartapp, the construction project management app.

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Wireless Badge Printer

Once jobsite worker safety credentials have been verified by the site safety manager, plastic Worker ID badges get wirelessly printed on the spot at your jobsite with critical identification information.

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Wireless Visitor Printer

Once your jobsite visitors have been logged in and verified, adhesive visitor badges can be wirelessly printed on the spot at your jobsite, making it easy to identify authorized personnel and allow for instant scan exit logging at the Kiosk.

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    Floor Stand

    Your KIOSK ships ready to go in a jobsite ready rugged stand that can be optionally bolted in place for additional security. Tilt display allows for easy positioning of KIOSK for optimal photo and badge scanning .

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    Android Tablet

    Your KIOSK is powered by a cellular & wifi capable Android tablet that assures secure control over access, remote updates and jobsite durability. Built-in camera allows for easy photo capture, and worker and visitor badge scanning.

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    Cloud Print Manager

    Available with your KIOSK bundle is a custom-built-in universal Cloud Print Manager that makes it easy to set up and print to your Worker and Visitor badge printers from any jobsite device mobile or desktop.

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    Integrated Visitor Tracking

    Your KIOSK does more than just intake and print your jobsite Visitor badges. With each visitor in or out badge scan your KIOSK writes all that event data to your centralized project jobsite Visitor Log.

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    NFC/RFID Worker Badges

    2 sided PVC Worker ID badges not only include all critical identification, safety and certification info, but also electronically encoded to automate SmartBoard unlocking, gate entering & more.

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    Jobsite Recharging Cables

    The KIOSK Bundle ships with an extra long fully encapsulated into the KIOSK stand charging cable to make powering your KIOSK versatile ,safe and easy.


Speak to a jobsite hardware expert if you need more information about any of our hardware packages, or if you're interested in placing an order!

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